Worst Trading Mistakes Crypto Beginners Make & How to Avoid

The cryptocurrency market has exploded in the last few years. After all, it takes so little to become a part of it. You need a connection to the internet, an internet-connected device, and a little bit of cash, and you’re in. Unfortunately, that means there are lots of beginners who learn some tough lessons at the expense of their original investment. Let’s explore some basics tips to trade cryptocurrency and how to avoid some common mistakes.  

The Tips to Trade Cryptocurrency You Need to Avoid Mistakes

1. Know What You’re Doing

At the heart of any tips you see, this is one of the key basics of crypto trading. Successful traders can technically analyse the cryptocurrency market well. Unfortunately, beginners are usually terrible at this. They often don’t know how to analyse a chart or see the patterns in the market. It’s important for beginner traders to keep their process simple. Take the time to understand how the charts and data work rather than jumping into a coin that may end in devastating results. Fortunately, there are ways to get the information you need. Tools like a Bitcoin order book (or one for the cryptocurrency of your choice) can help. A Bitcoin order book is really just a list. You’ll see all of the buy and sell orders that are outstanding inside, and they’re typically listed out by price. That Bitcoin order book usually lists both ‘bids’ and ‘asks’. A bid is the order to make a purchase. An ask is the order to actually sell the asset. The information inside is displayed on both sides so that it’s divided into those buy and sell sides. You’ll see the Bitcoin order book on the trading platform you’re using. You may also see an order book graph. Trading terminals packed with information. The order book graph is a chart that helps you do technical analysis, choose prices for your order, and more. Learning the read the order book graph will greatly increase your knowledge and ability to be a successful trader.

2.Don’t Risk More Than You Can Afford to Lose

The lure of a quick win and large payday often causes inexperienced traders to risk to much and eventually lose sometimes more than their initial investment. Crypto trading isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Instead, begin only with what you can afford.If you’re going to make any money in this market, you have to have money initially. Many new traders’ judgements get clouded by the idea of making a lot of money in a short amount of time and therefore think they should invest everything they have in the latest hot coin. That’s just not going to happen unless you already have a lot of cash on hand to begin the trading process. If you’re looking to make this a full-time job, you’ll have to be able to afford your entire lifestyle on what you can make. To do this requires a high level of discipline and a high tolerance for loss. If you have neither, it’s best to make this a hobby or side hustle. Either way, you’ll need to define how much you can afford to lose.  It’s very difficult to achieve the kind of results that could allow you to quit your day job, so beware and plan accordingly to prevent high levels of stress and anxiety. If you want to make this a job, invest in a good day trading cryptocurrency book. It will give you plenty of information about day trading. Cryptocurrency book options like this mean you get the knowledge you need to turn this into a full-time job. Without that knowledge, don’t risk everything.

3. Avoid Emotional Trading

Traders who are just getting started often allow their emotions to interfere in the trading process. This is one of the basics of crypto trading you need to know: trading should be based on data. When it is, it’s easier to accept the loss. Know when to move on and make the next trade and check your emotions at the door. It may be easiest to do that if you have a plan in place and keep a trading journal. It will not only help you better follow the market, but it may also help you stay accountable with regards to your original goals. Inside your journal, keep details about every single trade you make. Refer back to it on a regular basis to look at what worked and what didn’t.

4. Don’t Follow the Trend

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest hot coin. By following seedy crypto market tips or a trend rather than relying on data, like the charts and graphs your platforms offer you, it’s likely you’ll lose money. Headlines and threads can be incredibly misleading, and you may stray from your plan because you think you see a trend emerging. This method often results in traders spending too much and not knowing when to get out. Don’t blindly rely on the masses to make a financial decision. The order book may tell you one thing. For example, a trader might have a large holding and have a crypto sell wall in place. This is a limit order on the sell or many sell orders on a given price level that are then recorded on the order book. Sometimes a crypto sell wall is put up so they can create a negative perception for other traders. Most experts will tell you they almost never fill the orders in a crypto sell wall. Instead, they’re a way to influence pricing. It’s a trend that, if followed, could spell real trouble for you as a trader, so don’t go with those trends. Instead, learn what you’re doing at the very basic level before you get invested too far.

5. Maintain a Balance

Successful traders maintain a balanced portfolio. Many crypto traders aren’t thinking about their trading as actual investing and therefore tend to put all their eggs in one basket based on crypto market tips they got online. If you have a large amount of capital that’s expendable, this may not be an issue. However, most people don’t. Avoid the temptation to dive into crypto as a way to make a quick buck. Any day trading cryptocurrency book will tell you as much. What’s in your account really does matter!

6. Avoid Margin Trading

Margins are a loan that allows you to invest in more than your capital allows. Often people choose to trade this way thanks to various crypto market tips posted online. Margins should only be used by advanced traders who know who to use them and how they work. This is the fastest way to lose more than your initial investment.

Crypto trading is difficult and requires a high level of research, knowledge and perseverance. In order to be successful, you’ll need the basics of crypto trading in your head: set realistic expectations, determine your capital investment, and understand your tolerance for loss. These can all be gleaned by doing the proper research and due diligence. If you’re comfortable with the risks and potential rewards, then you’ll be in a better position to make the right buying and selling decisions. These tips to trade cryptocurrency are the best way to do just that.