What Is A DeBank In Crypto? A Comprehensive Guide

DeBank In Crypto

DeBank is a decentralized protocol and platform that aims to become the de facto dashboard for decentralized finance (DeFi). It provides users with an easy-to-use interface to view and manage their crypto assets across various DeFi protocols and services.

DeBank was founded in 2020 by a team based in Shanghai, China. It launched its mainnet in July 2020 after initial development work and testing.

The goal of DeBank is to create an all-in-one management platform for decentralized finance. As the DeFi ecosystem grows, users are interacting with more and more protocols and platforms. This creates a complex and fragmented user experience, with assets, activities, and data spread across multiple sites and apps. 

DeBank integrates directly with many of the top DeFi protocols to provide aggregated data and asset management tools from one interface. Users can view balances, track earnings, monitor positions and risks, and more from the DeBank dashboard.

Some of the key features and benefits of DeBank include:

Asset Management – View token balances across multiple protocols and easily track the value and performance of your entire DeFi portfolio.

Risk Monitoring – Understand risks associated with liquidity pools, lending, borrowing, and other DeFi activities. See health metrics for deposits and positions.

Analytics & Tracking – Review historical earnings, interest rates, fees paid, and other analytics to optimize DeFi strategy.

Simple Interface – DeBank aims to provide an easy user experience with simplified DeFi management features.

No Deposits needed – Assets remain deposited in their original DeFi protocol. DeBank just tracks and monitors on your behalf.

Mobile App – Management on the go with the DeBank mobile app for iOS and Android.

By aggregating data, balances, positions, and analytics into one dashboard, DeBank removes the need to jump between numerous DeFi sites and trackers.

DeBank is able to provide these aggregated services by building integrations directly with popular DeFi protocols. The platform aims to support all major protocols used to earn yield or access decentralized financial services.

How Does DeBank Work?

DEBANK Crypto Security

DeBank is able to provide portfolio tracking, risk monitoring, and other management by integrating directly with DeFi protocols through their public APIs. 

Many leading DeFi apps and platforms provide these public APIs to allow external services to access data. However, each platform has a different API architecture. 

DeBank unifies data extraction across multiple platforms so users don’t have to connect their wallets individually to each one they use.

Once connected to DeBank, it can pull deposit, lending, swap, and other data to reconstruct a users overall DeFi portfolio. This includes not just token balances but historical analytics like interest earned, gains and losses, fees paid, and more.

Some of the protocols that DeBank currently integrates with include:

Uniswap – leading decentralized exchange for token trading and liquidity pools.

Compound – lending and borrowing platform for earning yield on deposits. 

Aave – similar lending/borrowing protocol where users can deposit or take loans.

MakerDAO – governance token and protocol behind Dai stablecoin.

Balancer – automated market maker with adjustable pooled tokens.

yearn.finance – yield aggregator that automatically moves funds between platforms.

And many more protocols are integrated or planned for integration. DeBank essentially tries to cover all the major categories of DeFi services that users typically interact with.

While DeBank accesses user data from across platforms, users do not give up custody or deposits. Assets stay in the original DeFi protocol they were deposited to. 

DeBank is simply accessing public data to track and monitor on behalf of users. This avoids the potential security risks of consolidating funds into a central platform.

Key Features of DeBank

Let’s take a closer look at some of the core features that enable DeBank to offer an all-in-one DeFi management experience:

Cross-Chain Tracking

DeBank supports both Ethereum-based and Binance Smart Chain DeFi platforms. This allows it to track user activity and balances across multiple blockchains. Support for additional chains is planned.

Risk Analysis

Users can see clear and simple risk analysis of their lending, liquidity pools, and other DeFi activities. This includes metrics like the health factor for MakerDAO vaults.

Portfolio Analytics

Review detailed analytics on historical performance. See earnings and interest rates over time, fees paid, impermanent loss for liquidity pools, and more.

Aggregated Balances 

View token balances across multiple protocols in one simple list, rather than switching between apps. Monitor portfolio value over time.

Mobile Support

DeBank offers full functionality on both iOS and Android mobile apps. Manage DeFi assets on the go.

DeFi Protocol Coverage

DeBank directly integrates with all major DeFi categories including decentralized exchanges, lending & borrowing, yield aggregators, derivatives, asset management, and more.

Simple Setup

After installing the mobile app or accessing the web platform, users only need to connect a wallet once to begin using DeBank. No need to deposit or transfer funds.


Private keys remain in the user’s possession. DeBank uses read-only access via API to protocols where assets are deposited.

DeBank essentially acts as a layer on top of existing DeFi apps and platforms. By building direct integrations into these protocols, DeBank makes it easier for users to monitor and manage their broader DeFi portfolio in one place.

The DeBank Token – DBANK

Crypto Binance Smart Chain

DeBank has a native token, DBANK, that is used to incentivize activity on the platform. It is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Some of the key utilities for the DBANK token include:

Discounts on Trading Fees – DBANK holders can get discounts on trading fees on the DeBank trading platform. The discount is proportional to the amount held.

Governance Rights – DBANK holders can participate in governing decisions on the platform features and parameters via voting mechanisms.

Staking Rewards – Tokens can be staked to earn staking rewards from the validation process. Higher staking offers higher rewards.

In-App Rewards – Certain in-app activities like referrals or reviewing new features may offer DBANK rewards.

Funding Ecosystem Development – The sale of DBANK helps fund continued platform development and integration with more protocols.

DBANK has a fixed total supply of 300 million tokens. Of this, 45% was sold during DeBank’s seed and private fundraising rounds.

15% is allocated to the founding team, 10% to community development, another 10% to partners and advisors, and the remaining 20% to ecosystem incentives and staking rewards for DBANK holders providing platform validation.

As more users hold and use DBANK within DeBank, the token economics are designed to strengthen the ecosystem and incentivize participation.

The Future of DeFi Management with DeBank

DeBank represents an evolution in the decentralized finance user experience. As DeFi scales across more protocols, chains, and asset classes, retail users need better tools to navigate this complexity.

While hardcore DeFi users are comfortable jumping between platforms and managing risks themselves, the next wave of mainstream users needs more simplicity. 

Platforms like DeBank provide that simplified yet powerful experience where users can trust their assets are being monitored and can access the analytics they need to optimize returns.

And with the rapid pace of innovation in DeFi, DeBank saves users the hassle of manually tracking new protocols and features as they emerge. DeBank integrates with these so users can benefit from them faster.

The DeFi ecosystem as a whole becomes more scalable and accessible with aggregators and management tools like DeBank sitting on top of base layer protocols. 

DeBank removes friction and fragmentation by unifying cross-chain, cross-protocol DeFi activity into one platform. It represents the next generation of usability that will help decentralized finance achieve mainstream adoption.

And with the value and variety of crypto assets constantly rising, DeBank gives users a simple way to understand and benefit from holding these new assets – enabling the full promise of an open financial system.


DeBank brings ease of use and accessibility to decentralized finance management. With its user-friendly dashboard, deep integrations with all major protocols, risk monitoring, portfolio tracking, and robust analytics, DeBank offers the most complete cross-chain, cross-protocol DeFi management experience.

As DeFi scales in users, platforms, and use cases, DeBank provides the tools regular users need to simplify interaction across fragmented systems. Just by connecting their wallet once, users gain access to a unified hub for viewing and optimizing their broader DeFi portfolio.

DeBank removes the technical and usability hurdles to make decentralized finance more approachable for the mainstream. With intuitive and comprehensive asset, risk, and analytics management, DeBank leads the way in advancing DeFi usability and adoption.