What Not To Do After Investing in Bitcoin

Now more than ever, many are beginning to consider Bitcoin as an investment option. Some have suggested the blockchain market size will reach as much as $57 million in the next few years. It’s statistics like these which are pushing so many people to diversify their portfolios and add cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. If you’re one […]

Bitcoin and Crypto Lending Tips

As crypto lending is a relatively new system of borrowing and lending crypto values, many crypto users still don’t fully understand how it works. Are crypto loans the same as fiat loans? And where do you even get such a loan? If you’re already familiar with a bitcoin loan, you might have heard about lending […]

How Start Day Trading Cryptocurrencies?

One of the most popular trading strategies every trader should know, whether they’re dealing with cryptocurrencies or fiat money, is day trading. Although day trading cryptocurrency seems like an attractive option, many crypto traders fail because they’re not fully familiar with it. That’s why we’ve created this crypto day trading guide to help you learn […]

Investing in Bitcoin

There are many different ways to buy Bitcoin today – through exchanges, through your broker, and maybe even through a previous owner. If you’re new to the world of Bitcoin, though, you may want to weigh the risks and benefits of Bitcoin investing before you actually make a decision to include it in your portfolio. […]

What is a SegWit Wallet?

If you’re searching for a Bitcoin wallet, you’ve likely found there are several types available. One is type of wallet solution for cryptocurrency, SegWit, is out there and understanding the difference between this wallet type and the others is key before you sign up. Understanding how Bitcoin Actually Works To understand cryptocurrency, SegWit and its […]

What is Parity MultiSig Wallet?

If you’ve done any reading on Bitcoin, you’ve likely come across articles about how to protect your cryptocurrency and how to ensure that whatever wallet solution you happen to lose can help keep your Bitcoin safe. There’s a reason for that. Hacks happen. Maybe one of the worst hacks comes with the tragic story of […]