Buying Bitcoins The Right Way – A Complete Guide

Buying Bitcoins has always been an ongoing question for Bitcoin investors. Those with experience have a good understanding of how to purchase Bitcoins efficiently. However, it is about ordinary investors eager to enter the crypto world and invest in the most famous crypto, Bitcoin.

Here is a guide to help you with your questions about buying Bitcoins correctly. It is possible to explore a variety of options. Let’s take a closer look at this.

How Do Beginners Buy Bitcoins?

Buying Bitcoins for beginners can be quite challenging. In the absence of guidance, they tend to get confused and end up compromising on security levels. 

The majority of beginners who want to invest in Bitcoins for the first-time turn to online articles on how to buy Bitcoins. Investing in crypto through online applications is also popular with many beginner investors.

Here is where they need to realize that there are a variety of ways to buy Bitcoins besides those mentioned in one article. As we progress through this article, we will discuss those.

Buying Bitcoins correctly depends on several factors for beginners. We recommend prioritizing security first. Choose a platform that offers KYC, and provides detailed information about the company. 

Before buying Bitcoins, the platform you choose should be able to guide you easily through the process of setting up a wallet. If you cannot easily understand what they have written, do not start right away. A disaster may result from this.

For beginners, there are no fixed ways to buy Bitcoins. Methods vary from platform to platform. Following the steps that you are guided through after getting a reliable platform will make it very easy for you to buy Bitcoins.

How To Buy Bitcoins Online?

With so many options available, buying Bitcoins online can be confusing. The use of brokers has even made it possible to trade Bitcoin without opening an account these days. The process is similar to investing in shares through a broker.

Several online applications are available for buying, selling, and storing Bitcoins. There are complete instructions on how to buy and sell Bitcoins in these applications. The only thing one needs to do is read and follow the instructions.

Unfortunately, not all online options are safe in terms of security. As a result, choosing the right Bitcoin buying option can be challenging. The performance of every Bitcoin buying platform varies.

When choosing an online platform, security must be your top priority. Bitcoin can be purchased online through a variety of options, including

Crypto Exchanges: Most beginners are familiar with this option. A comparative platform provided by these exchanges helps users decide which option is best for them to purchase Bitcoins. Some exchanges provide wallets for storing Bitcoins. Instead of storing your Bitcoins in an exchange wallet, we recommend opening a separate Bitcoin wallet. Security is the primary reason for this.

Crypto Brokers: A crypto broker is similar to a traditional stockbroker. Without having to open an account, users can buy, sell, and store Bitcoins. Brokers like these take care of all the hassle for you. However, you need to be cautious and choose only trustworthy, long-time brokers.

Several financial apps offer Bitcoin trading options. Among them are PayPal and Venmo. Usually, these financial applications charge a certain amount for their services. Depending on the limits set by the application, fees will be charged on every transaction.

Bitcoin ATMs: The Bitcoin ATM is considered to charge the highest commission on every Bitcoin transaction. Due to this, only a small number of people prefer to use Bitcoin ATMs to buy and sell Bitcoins. A regular debit card or cash can be used to make a transaction here.

Which Is The Safest Way To Buy Bitcoins?

Your priority should be buying Bitcoins safely when investing in the most popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin can be purchased online through various platforms, as discussed above.

When choosing a Bitcoin buying platform, you should choose one with local payment options and easy-to-understand guidelines. A lot of platforms have guides that are very difficult to understand. As you are not familiar with the guidelines laid out by such platforms, selecting them may prove unsafe.

The safest way to buy Bitcoins will be to select a platform that offers both local and online payment methods. You should be able to understand the guidelines and they should be transparent. A platform like this one should make it easy for users to buy and sell Bitcoins, as well as charge reasonable fees.

When selecting a secure platform, one must make sure that it requires a KYC setup. Compared to platforms that do not require KYC, these are more trustworthy. Moreover, the platform should include contact information and a customer support option.

A separate wallet should always be used to store Bitcoins for added security. The best and most secure way to store your Bitcoin is to use wallets other than those provided by Bitcoin buying platforms.

How To Buy Bitcoins Using A Bitcoin Wallet?

Step 1. Select the Bitcoin wallet you want to use to buy Bitcoins.
Step 2. Read the guidelines carefully before signing yourself.
Step 3. Create your account.
Step 4. Verify your KYC information.
Step 5. Store the seed carefully you are provided with for future transactions.
Step 6. Log in with your credentials.
Step 7. Click on the ‘Buy Bitcoins’ click button.
Step 8. Follow the instructions provided on the screen.
Step 9. Enter your Bitcoin address.
Step 10. Select your payment method and transfer the amount.
Step 11. Your Bitcoins will appear in the wallet.

In different wallets, you have to follow different steps to buy Bitcoins. The steps mentioned above are the most suited to all wallets.

Buying Bitcoins With A Prepaid Card

Buying Bitcoins with a prepaid card is another option that one can utilize to start investing in the crypto market. Prepaid cards have become quite popular for buying Bitcoins. The fees associated with such cards are usually higher when compared to other options in the crypto exchange market. 

Different exchanges use prepaid cards to buy and sell Bitcoins. Below are the generalized steps that can be followed to buy Bitcoins with prepaid cards.

Step 1. Select the Bitcoins buying platform that is suitable for you.
Step 2. Set up your account on the platform by following the steps.
Step 3. Complete your KYC.
Step 4. Once you have completed the necessary steps to open the account, transfer funds into your wallet using the prepaid card details.
Step 5. Once the amount is in your wallet, search for the Buy Bitcoin option.
Step 6. Enter the amount you wish to buy Bitcoins for and hit the ‘buy’ click button.

Following the above steps, one can buy Bitcoins using a prepaid card. These steps are the same on all major Bitcoin buying platforms. Make sure you choose a platform that offers security for your prepaid card.

How To Buy Bitcoins For Free?

Free Bitcoins are not possible, but there are ways to earn free Bitcoins by performing specific tasks listed by a particular website. You can earn free Bitcoins by playing online games, watching ads, participating in bounty programs, taking part in airdrops and many more. There is a very small amount of Bitcoin given for free in exchange for these tasks. When the price of Bitcoin rises over a long time, this is beneficial.

Buying Bitcoins With Visa Gift Card

Is it possible to buy Bitcoins with a Visa gift card? Well, the answer is yes! The process is considered one of the safest and quickest ways to buy Bitcoins online. To buy Bitcoins with a Visa gift card, follow these steps:

Step 1. Sign in to your Visa card account. Those without accounts can open one with a bank account, credit card, and email address.
Step 2. Choose Bitcoin as your cryptocurrency from the “Buy Bitcoins and More” button on your home screen.
Step 3. Ensure that you have a linked bank account or credit card before moving forward.
Step 4. Verify the terms and conditions.
Step 5. You need to enter the amount for which you need to purchase Bitcoins.
Step 6. The bank account or credit card associated with the Visa gift card will appear. Step by step, follow the instructions.
Step 7. Bitcoins will be displayed on the account as soon as the payment has been made.

Buying Bitcoins With A Credit Card Or Debit Card

By using a crypto exchange or wallet in between, you can buy Bitcoins with a credit or debit card. The first step is to open an account with a crypto exchange that supports Bitcoin purchases and sales. You can add funds to your account using a debit or credit card. Adding funds using credit and debit cards isn’t available on all exchanges. Funds can only be transferred between bank accounts in some cases.

Your credit or debit card must be accepted by the platform you choose. Following the addition of funds to your account, you can follow the steps on the selected platform to purchase Bitcoins. To purchase Bitcoin, the steps will vary according to the exchange or wallet that is being used.

Do All Bitcoins Require An ID While Buying?

Buying Bitcoin does not require an ID in all cases. Bitcoins can be purchased without identification proof through several options. Here, the question arises: why would anyone buy Bitcoins without identification? Are those Bitcoins safe? It is always recommended that you purchase Bitcoins through a site that requires you to complete a KYC process. A platform that requires KYC procedures or ID verification to buy Bitcoin is considered more secure than one that does not.

Buying Bitcoins In The USA Using A Bitcoin Wallet

There are several ways to buy Bitcoins in the USA, including a crypto exchange or a Bitcoin ATM. Another option that is considered safe is buying Bitcoins using a Bitcoin wallet. Why would one prefer a Bitcoin wallet over an exchange? The answer is that the exchange uses its inbuilt wallet to buy Bitcoins. Keeping Bitcoins in an exchange wallet is not recommended. It is recommended that you use a personal Bitcoin wallet since it will provide you with a greater level of security. Bitcoin wallet allows you to control your private keys to your asset holdings.

Is Buying Bitcoins Worth It? The Conclusion!

In conclusion, Bitcoin is the most widely invested cryptocurrency in the world. There have been several governments that have regulated cryptocurrencies as property and levied taxes on them. Bitcoin is expected to grow at a faster pace in the future, according to crypto experts. There have been several big brands that have started accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment. Several large companies are investing in this very popular cryptocurrency. Considering all the scenarios, we can conclude that Bitcoins are definitely worth buying.